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Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges and rewards!

Posted: Oct 12 2021

Take part in these collective challenges and earn cosmetics rewards for all in Borderlands 3!

It's time for all Vault Hunters to take up arms and unite for a singular purpose: assisting Maurice the Saurian with his continued research of humanity's strange ways! Prepare yourself for Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges, a series of tasks that everyone playing Borderlands 3 can contribute to. By collectively completing these challenges, you can take part in unlocking a new, wildlife-themed batch of cosmetic Vault Hunter Heads for the entire community to enjoy.

Starting October 14 at 9:00 AM PT, we're kicking off the first of four community challenge events, with new ones unlocking on the following Thursdays. There's no need to accept a mission from an NPC to take part in these—participation is as simple as following the in-game objective presented each week in this article and on our Social Channels, which will all be counted behind the scenes by some manner of technological wizardry. If you want to check the daily progress for how close the Borderlands 3 community is to completing each shared goal, Borderlands Creator Team member MentalMars has you covered.

Once one of Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges has been successfully completed, we'll share out a SHiFT code in this article that will grant the new Vault Hunter Head reward! You can redeem the revealed SHiFT codes here on Borderlands.com, on the Gearbox SHiFT site, or via the in-game Social menu in Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 and SHiFT account required to redeem. Each code may be redeemed once (1) per SHiFT account.

These next few weeks will be an exciting time of community collaboration in Borderlands 3, so hop in and take part in Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges! Everyone's favorite neighborhood Saurian eagerly awaits the ruthless results of your efforts.

Challenge 1 - Traunt's Bloodied Bloodline

Maurice needs body parts rich with Traunt Family DNA for, uh... research. Kill Captain Traunt (found on Athenas), General Traunt (found on Nekrotafeyo), and Captain Haunt (found in Heck, which can only be accessed while you've activated the Bloody Harvest event via the main menu) a collective total of 500,000 times to keep Maurice's organ stash overflowing.

Here's your well-earned reward: the Ratch Rider Vault Hunter Head for your characters! Redeem the SHiFT code below then check your in-game mailbox:


Challenge 2 - Long-Distance Relations

While studying the human custom of 'long-distance relationships,' Maurice assumed it meant using a sniper rifle to pop your target's head like a grape from over 50 yards. Instead of correcting Maurice and making him feel embarrassed in front of the entire Sanctuary III crew, get out there and kill a collective total of 20,000,000 enemies using only sniper rifles.

Here's your well-earned reward: the Saurian Synth Vault Hunter Head for your characters! Redeem the SHiFT code below then check your in-game mailbox:


WARNING - Traunt Family Revenge (limited-time event)

Now you've really gone and done it. After you repeatedly slaughtered members of the menacing Traunt family, they've somehow resurrected into ridiculously overpowered versions of their already big-headed selves. When playing in Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode, Captain Traunt, General Traunt, and Captain Haunt will have health and damage numbers rivaling that of a raid boss. If you manage to put them back in the ground, you'll have a greatly increased chance of getting their best loot. This event ends at 8:59 AM PT on November 4, so get out there and take down these beefed-up Traunts while you can!

Challenge 3 - Totally Takedowns

The concept of 'teamwork' intrigues Maurice, who has never known the joy of eviscerating hordes of enemies and defeating difficult bosses in a full party of four. Let Maurice live vicariously through your exceedingly violent actions by collectively completing Takedown missions a total of 65,000 times, whether that's the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite or the Takedown at the Guardian Breach.

Here's your well-earned reward: the Skagwave Vault Hunter Head for your characters! Redeem the SHiFT code below then check your in-game mailbox:


Challenge 4 – Mayhem 10 Massacre

You've done so much for Maurice already, and he's grateful for your continued support and friendship. The Saurian sweetheart has just one last request: wreak utter havoc on his behalf. Kill a collective total of 200,000,000 enemies in Mayhem Mode 10 and collectively make an amount of mayhem the likes of which the universe has never witnessed before. So many Vault Hunters working together towards such a noble goal… it brings a tear to all four of Maurice's scale-encircled eyes.

Here's your well-earned reward: the Arachnoir Vault Hunter Head for your characters! Redeem the SHiFT code below then check your in-game mailbox:



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