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Mix Moxxtails for Twitch streamers with this ECHOcast Extension update

Posted: Mar 24 2020

Mix your favorite Borderlands 3 Twitch streamers a delicious, buff-imbuing in-game drink with new Moxxtail Events in the ECHOcast Extension!

It's a nice gesture to buy someone a drink from across the bar—but have you ever sent a complimentary drink from across the internet? With the new Moxxtail Events added to the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension on Twitch, you can mix a drink for your favorite Vault-hunting streamer using Twitch Bits and power them up with some helpful buffs!

For those of you who haven't yet experienced the magic of Borderlands 3's Twitch stream interactivity, check out our complete Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension guide, including step-by-step instructions for getting started. The Moxxtail Event is a new addition debuting alongside the Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock campaign add-on, so here's the skinny on how it works.

Moxxi is lending her bartending skills and mastery of mixed drinks to Vault Hunters all across Twitch, and Moxxtail Events are a way for the audience to show appreciation with some buff-imbuing beverages. To trigger Moxxtail Events, you'll need Bits of Sugar, which have a 1:1 value with Twitch Bits. Twitch Bits are a virtual good that can be bought directly via Twitch, and let you offer a small tip to streamers you enjoy. Now those tips can be used to help out the streamer in-game as well as monetarily!

There's nothing but top-shelf ingredients behind Moxxi's bar, and she'll mix and match them into a powerful brew depending on your order. Each ingredient offers a unique temporary buff, so take a look at the full menu:

  • Varkid Bitters - Increased Max Health
  • Rakk Vermouth - Increased Max Shield
  • Quadruple Sec - Increased Health Regen
  • Sonic Water - Increased Elemental Damage Chance
  • Drub Soda - Increased Elemental Damage
  • Gamaretto - Increased Gun Damage
  • Skagnac - Increased Critical Damage
  • Kill-you-a - Increased Ammo Regen
  • Cream of Kapow - Increased Fire Rate
  • Hey Sugar - Reduced Action Skill Cooldown

To start a Moxxtail Event, someone in the audience must donate a Bits of Sugar amount equal to or greater than a threshold that's set by the streamer, provided the streamer has the Moxxtail Event enabled and the event is not already active. Once someone triggers the event, Moxxi will present her tip jar to the audience. At this point, everyone can pile on the tips; the more Bits of Sugar get donated, the more effective the buffs granted by the drink will be, with five tiers of drink strength in total. If someone else started the event and you've got some Bits of Sugar burning a hole in your pocket, now's the time to toss them in! The Moxxtail Event window keeps track of who's donated the most, who donated first, and who donated most recently.

After all the Bits of Sugar are collected, Moxxi will present the entire audience with a random selection of the aforementioned drink ingredients. Now it's time to vote in quick poll. The most popular choice will provide a Rank 1 effect, which is the most potent, while the second most popular choice offers a lesser, but still helpful, Rank 2 effect. The rest of the ingredients are put back behind Moxxi's bar until the next Moxxtail Event.

From there, Moxxi will work her drink-mixing magic, and voila! A chest containing the freshly made Moxxtail will spawn directly into the streamer's game, complete with a special name based on the chosen ingredients, as well as props for the audience member who kicked things off (First Love) and whoever contributed the most Bits of Sugar (Most Endowed).

Everything has led up to the moment when the streamer puts this precious Moxxtail to their lips and surges with power from the resulting buffs, surely wreaking copious amounts of mayhem in the process. There are five tiers to each ingredient's potency, based on how many Bits of Sugar were added to Moxxi's tip jar. Depending on what kind of drink Moxxi and the audience mixed up, the streaming Vault Hunter could reach the kind of absurd damage output they've only dreamed of, or become an unstoppable killing machine that barely feels the impact of any bullets.

When Moxxtail Events are added to the ECHOcast Extension in the March 26 patch for Borderlands 3, you can give your favorite streamer a little something extra as a thanks for all the entertainment—and with the drinks you and Moxxi concoct, you might be the catalyst for even more unforgettable moments. Get yourself some Bits of Sugar, toss a few into the tip jar, and see what kind of ludicrous libations you and the audience come up with!

All applicable Twitch and 2K Games terms apply to use of and participation in any Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension feature.


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