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The Borderlands Show versus The Handsome Jackpot

Posted: Dec 18 2019

Greg and Fran from The Borderlands Show are joined by special guests as they play the first Borderlands 3 campaign add-on.

The release of Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot, the first campaign add-on for Borderlands 3, is just hours away. But those Kinda Funny guys over at The Borderlands Show already had a chance to play it, and even invited a couple of friends to join them. Two members of the Borderlands Stream Team, Tessachka and SchviftyFive—or Tess and Liz for short—joined Greg and Fran for a mayhem-filled stay aboard Handsome Jack's eponymous space station casino, highlights of which made it into episode 4 of The Borderlands Show. Their antics are well worth a watch, and serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who's ever been tempted to hang back and play a slot machine while their teammates are embroiled in battle. Note that, depending on how sensitive you are about early mission spoilers, you might want to hold off until after you've had a chance to play through the first hour or so of the new content yourself.

Episode 4 of The Borderlands Show also featured another special guest: Anthony Nicholson, Gearbox's Head of DLC Production for Borderlands 3. Among other things, Anthony talked about the processes and priorities of DLC development, the likelihood of future Borderlands 3 add-ons taking place in new environments, and how fine the line between challenging and frustrating can be when balancing endgame encounters like the boss at the end of the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. He also took the time to respond to Mailbag questions, which on this occasion included community suggestions for new loot rarity tiers, new Lost Loot Machine functionality, and even a request for new Borderlands 2 Maya and Zer0 skins so they can match their appearance in Borderlands 3!

"We don't have any plans to do any new rarities, but you know the way that we've designed the gun system, we have all these different permutations that we can add - all of these different, unique pieces to it. So we're gonna continue to do that, and with each DLC or each event, each of these different drops that we have post-launch, you'll get to see more and more new guns." – Anthony Nicholson, Head of DLC Production for Borderlands 3

As part of our ongoing Give the Gift of Mayhem event, the below SHiFT code was given out towards the end of the show that, provided you redeem it before 11:59pm PT on January 10, 2020, will unlock festive skins for all four of the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters. Codes for similar goodies are still being shared on the official Borderlands Twitter page, so be sure to follow us there if you haven't already.


Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of The Borderlands Show in January; Greg and Fran will be getting their first look at the 2020 roadmap for Borderlands 3, which includes more campaign add-ons, more seasonal events, and MORE LOOT!


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