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Make Some Borderlands Mayhem this Halloween

Posted: Oct 18 2019

Show off your Borderlands spirit this Halloween with these pumpkin and costume ideas.

The Bloody Harvest event is coming to Borderlands 3 later this month, with an exact start date and additional details coming soon—but while you wait for the chance to fight legions of Haunted enemies, there are plenty of ways to make some Borderlands mayhem this Halloween season. We've got some spooky, scary bits of inspiration to help you get started.

Instead of making mischief by vandalizing buildings with Children of the Vault tags, channel that artistic expression into a Borderlands-themed jack-o'-lantern. We've created some Borderlands 3 stencils for your carving enjoyment, including designs for the classic Vault symbol, the Children of the Vault symbol, a Psycho Bandit mask, Tyreen and Troy Calypso, Claptrap, Tina's Bunny Mask, and even Bloody Harvest enemies like a Rakk-O'-Lantern head and the big boss Captain Haunt. Simply print these stencils out, trace the design onto a hollowed-out pumpkin by cutting out the shaded areas to the best of your ability, then get to stabbing. Even if you're using a rusty shiv, the resulting jack-o'-lantern should look positively badass on your front porch.

'Tis the season for costume parties, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite Vault Hunter or wear a Psycho mask in public without terrifying your neighbors. Anyone with the confidence to craft their own costume should check out our official Borderlands 3 cosplay guides, which provide detailed reference kits for a selection of Borderlands 3 characters. You'll find these cosplay guides in the media downloads section; please share your custom-made costumes with us on the official Borderlands Twitter page!

If you're no good with a glue gun and can't stitch to save your life, don't worry—you can still rock that iconic Borderlands look this October. We've teamed up with Spirit Halloween to produce an official line of Borderlands Halloween costumes and props that'll have you looking like a denizen of Pandora in no time. If you're going for the complete package, grab some ready-made, full-body costumes for Mad Moxxi or a Psycho Bandit. Alternatively, you can accessorize with a Psycho Bandit's iconic mask, Tina's bunny mask, Tina's bunny ears headpiece, Moxxi's signature megaphone, and/or your very own ECHO device.  You can grab these items over on Spirit Halloween's website or at your local Spirit Halloween Store.

However you decide to spend your Halloween, we hope you score some Legendary-grade candy and impress everyone with your Borderlands costumes and pumpkins. You can also expect a nice treat with the Spooky Surprise we've got planned for the final week of the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration.


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